Kennedy Education is an agency with expertise in overseas education. We offer one-on-one placement advices and other services.
We are recognized by our partner institutions both public and private owned in U.K., Switzerland, U.S. and Australia to provide all services concerning with education.

Bournemouth University
My university has many courses to choose from. The university is very clean with nice facilities. I stay with a host family. They are nice and not picky. People here are very peaceful and the town is very safe comparing to London. The entire shops close after six o’clock and no one walks on the streets which is something new for people from the big city or different environment. It would make you feel a little lonely at first but it will go away when we start our social life and make friend or go to work. When I finish this course, I will definitely continue to Postgraduate level. My big thanks go to Kennedy Education in helping me finding university’s information which is very helpful. The staffs are also very kind and always keep track on the students all the time.

By Ae – Thammasat University

UC Riverside
UC Riverside’s city is small and peaceful with excellent weather and lively people which I find them the best part of the city. It is surrounded by the beauty of nature which makes it even more attractive to the new comer like me. The university is located right in the middle of the city which makes it convenient to get around. For me, I had to attend the English course for ten weeks before starting the university. I found that with this course, I was able to level up my English ability very fast and easy because the course was so good and the school always tested the student’s progression to make sure that students have better improvement. I scored 80% and could pass to the second level in eight weeks. I was very proud of myself and so thankful for Kennedy Education for giving me a close service and attention like I was a family. I will definitely contact Kennedy Education again if I have an opportunity to enter an international education.

By Noon – Chulalongkorn University

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