Kennedy Education is an agency with expertise in overseas education. We offer one-on-one placement advices and other services.
We are recognized by our partner institutions both public and private owned in U.K., Switzerland, U.S. and Australia to provide all services concerning with education.
Lay Your Foundation

Pre departure Orientation for U.K. & U.S. bound students

For this session, the counselors of Kennedy Education with an immense experience in international education will play an important part as life guidance to give student a peace of mind that they will do well in new institutions. Significantly, this is also an opportunity for the students to interact with experts from the U.K. and U.S. higher education system as with other students enrolled in the same university. Moreover, interesting courses of business, communication arts, engineering and science are all offered here with our advice on the subjects.

The students will also discover about life overseas and how to fit themselves in different environment especially in the “British and American Life” with main focuses on cultural and social issues. It will cover the academic environment which students will have to face in real life. Other information on important things such as ticketing, medical insurance, mobile connection, foreign exchange, and travel insurance will also be provided.

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